Truck Bed Water Tank

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Truck Bed Water Tank

truck bed water tank

    water tank

  • A tank supplying water for water-based fire protection systems.
  • cistern: a tank that holds the water used to flush a toilet
  • Water tanks are liquid storage containers, these tanks are usually storing water for human consumption. The need for water tank systems is as old as civilized man.

    truck bed

  • the floor or bottom of a wagon or truck or trailer
  • A pickup truck (or pick-up truck or simply pickup, also called bakkie in South Africa and ute — an abbreviation of “utility vehicle” — in Australia and New Zealand) is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed) which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis

truck bed water tank – RDS Fuel

RDS Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo – 40-Gallon Capacity, Model# 72775
RDS Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo - 40-Gallon Capacity, Model# 72775
Auxiliary fuel tank with built-in toolbox and aluminum diamond treadplate. U.S.A. Tank Type: Auxiliary, Tank Size (gal.): 40, Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 55 x 20 x 19, Box Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 48 x 20 x 10, Tank Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 55 x 20 x 9, Fits Models: Fits 6 and 8 foot truck beds, Material Type: Aluminum, Finish Type: Diamond plate finish, Lock Included: Yes, Lock Type: Stainless steel key locks, Shape: Rectangle, DOT Approved: Yes, Includes: Suction tube, manual sight gauge, baffles, return and drain fittings

truck 6

truck 6
1987 International model F1954 6×4, color white VIN 1HTLKTVR9HH470706. Motor: DT-466. Transmission: Allison automatic with 2 speed rear end 6×4. New Bud rims and General 11×22.5 tires.
Equipment bed with twin 5’ x 2’ x 2’ drop boxes, 188 in wheel base. Roof dented from standing on it. Door hinges need replacement. Drove 60/70 mph from Odessa, Texas to Key West, Florida. Had no problems. Truck is in good condition.

1987 Taxoma model 330-12’. Unit rebuilt earlier this year by H & T Auger Co., Odessa, Texas. Phone: 1-800-527-2771. The diesel motor was replaced 3 or 4 years ago with a new 4 cylinder Cummings. Transmission is a 4 speed Funk.
Optional equipment includes: Hydraulic winch, pole clamps, extension cylinder, tamper quick disconnects, pintle hitch, shade umbrella, 200 gal water tank, rear ladder, sheer pin kit..
The rebuilding included:
1) Replace rotation rollers.
2) Hydraulic system:
a) Rebuild hydraulic pump.
b) Repack all hydraulic cylinders and tripple valve bank.
c) Clean hydraulic tank.
3) Kelly bar:
a) Rebuild right angle final drive, replacing bearings, seals and gears.
b) Align Kelly bar and replace Kelly barrel.
c) Rebuild brass quill.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving
It’s difficult to do justice to just how crazy this situation was… one afternoon Jon and I got called away, with what turned out to be every other male Habitat employee in Darkhan, to help haul this massive shed and an equally massive water tank (no pictures, unfortunately) from the completed Habitat neighborhood to the new site that Darkhan HFH had just received a land grant for. Using a combination of wooden posts, scaffolding, and brute force, ten or fifteen of us somehow managed to lever an end of this shed — which was heavy as hell — up into the back end of an old six-ton Russian dump truck. Having angled it against the truck’s rear, the challenge was then how we could push it all the way back into the truck bed. When we last saw it here, the whole thing was hanging precariously off the back suspended only by a steel cable, and the fact that the actual bed of the truck (as opposed to the sides) looked to be smaller than the width of the shed makes me wonder how they ever managed to work something out. But apparently, somehow, they did.
truck bed water tank

truck bed water tank

Flotec FP7120-03 Pre-Charged Water Tank
Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with tough, appliance-like finish. Replaceable air/water separator prevents corrosion and bacterial growth – in compliance with FDA regulations. Tank is factory pre-charged to 40 PSI. Includes pump mounting bracket.

Pre-charged tanks are rated to compare with equivalent-size conventional (standard) tanks in terms of water draw down between pump cycles. The actual physical size of a pre-charged tank is much less and allows space savings up to 50% when comparing drawdown and size to that of a conventional tank. Economy is achieved with the smaller size of pre-charged tanks compared to similar water delivery and size of conventional tanks. This tank has a rated size of 82 gallons; the actual tank capacity is 35 gallons. U.S.A. Material: Steel, Max. Capacity (gal.): 82, Includes: Pump mounting bracket, Max. PSI: 40, Discharge Port (in.): 1, Dimensions D x H (in.): 20 x 35